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Web & Cross Platorm Mobile Application
Savejojo Online Shopping

SaveJojo is a web & mobile app-based solution that can enhance traditional e-commerce platforms. In this proposed solution, we are making use of trending technologies such as Artificial intelligence and Augmented Reality, which will enhance the user experience and increase potential sales for the businesses. Moreover, this system also includes core e-commerce features that e-commerce platforms should have.

This is our own product and not inaugurated yet.
Jul 2019 – continue

Open Source API
Calculate Rating from Review API | Sentimental Analysis

Calculate rating form review algorithm is a simple web API algorithm which accept a rating string from post method by API call from any programming or scripting language and return the positive and negative points of the the review, if review does not contain any negative word then the negative points will be zero and similarly if it doesn't contain any positive word than the positive points will be zero the rating points are out of 10.

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